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159 Vegetarian Meals Review

Hey,  friends, I would like to share this amazing Chinese vegetarian meal-159 with everyone. I heard people in my “Wechat” talked about this product couple years ago, they kept on posting how amazing this product did to them. Such as weight loss, lower blood pressure, help on diabetes, take care skin problem and etc.

I finally decided that I would like to give it a try. So I bought 3 boxes shipped directly from China to try since I am not sure how whether my family and I would like the taste or not. To my surprise, it tastes almost like the smoothy I made with nuts in it, or my 2- year boy said it is “Coffee” (from the look of it). I added to his oatmeal, he eats up the whole bowl in no time. Even my husband who normally doesn’t like things made with ground beans think the flavor is great.

The major reason I want to try is I want to lose some weight. Because of sitting in front of my desk all day without much exercise, I find myself has gained quite a few pounds, and my friends are coming to visit me soon, I don’t want to give them the impression that I am gaining “American fat”, the minor reason is to take care of the “acne” in my face. For whatever the reason, my “acne” is coming out one after another in last few months, which it has never happened like this before, I tried different lotion or cream, but none of them seems to work. Third, my canker problem. The biggest difference after I take the 159 is I am having more “acne” pop up under my chins (a lot). I tried not to do anything with it, now, they are mostly gone. And the third or fourth day after I eat 159, I noticed there are couple cankers in my mouth, but they don’t hurt, it then went away in another 2-3 days. I am pretty pleased for how much it did with such a small amount of “159” I have been taken.

The reason I want my 2-year boy to try is for his constipation problem. He was born 3 weeks earlier, he has been having the bowel movement problem ever since he was born. Last year we decided to take him to see the special doctor, go through all kinds of test, the doctor told us that he seems to be all normal, he will grow out his problem. At the meantime the doctor has prescribed him “Lactulose” to help the bowel movement now. But I don’t like to see my little one on the prescription medicine so early. When I heard that 159 can help in resolving “constipation” problem, and it is just natural food, which has no side effect at all. I thought there is nothing to lose to let him try. The result is fast, for the second day he eats the “159”, he actually went to bathroom couple times, with soft stole. I am so happy to see how good it works on him.

Hopefully, this product can also bring a lot of benefits for you!


2 thoughts on “159 Vegetarian Meals Review

  1. Nice food. Many of my friends have had very good results from 159, hope one day I can be one of distributors.

    1. thanks for your feedback.

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