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Nutritious Porridge 159 Also Has “Healthy” Certification?

With the improvement of health consciousness, more and more consumers pay attention to food safety and nutrition. The dazzling array of products on the market makes it difficult for consumers to distinguish real “healthy food”. As a strict food quality certification, GGU health food certification is like the “health code” of food. Consumers can accurately identify “healthy food” through the logo, providing effective protection for consumers’ legitimate rights and interests.

On February 24, 2023, the non-cooking 159 multigrain porridge products of Zuodanli Health Industry Group won the “healthy food certification” and were certified by the Global Green Alliance (Beijing) Food Safety Certification Center.

What is Health Food Certification?

Healthy food refers to processed food that uses pure natural materials or animal and plant extracts, or a mixture of pure natural raw materials and animal OR plant extracts, and retains or optimizes the original nutritional value of the food, and its nutritional value and Hazardous factors are controlled to meet the specified requirements of the food.

The GGU certified product standard adopts the “Technical Specifications for the Certification of Grain Processed Products” filed by the National Certification and Accreditation Administration Committee. At the same time, GGU certification needs to carry out product production control inspection, product type test, nutritional element evaluation and other processes on the applied food in accordance with the “Implementation Rules for Health Food Certification”, and go through layers of checks and screenings.
In the end, only when the standard requirements are met can the certification be successful.

The certification certificates issued by the health food certification can be checked on the national certification and accreditation information service platform of the State Administration of Market Regulation and the official website of the Global Green Alliance (Beijing) Food Safety Certification Center, which has legal effect. Only products that have passed the “health food certification” can use the “health food certification” in packaging, labels, advertisements, publicity, instructions, etc. to prove that the food has passed the health food certification.

The certificate of health food certification once again proves that Zuodanli’s non-cooked miscellaneous grain porridge uses 159 kinds of natural ingredients through scientific exploration and scientific proportioning. It is the result of the long-term unremitting exploration of the health food industry group. It fully confirms that the products of Zuodanli Health Industry Group follow strict production, processing and testing standards.

In the future, Zuodanli Health Industry Group will continue to uphold the consumer-centered approach, continue to ensure the quality of every grain of miscellaneous grains, provide consumers with more new solutions for healthy and convenient diets, protect food safety, and be high-quality products that consumers can trust. Protect the health of consumers!