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No Cook Vegan Meals What’s Changed in The New Recipe

Are you often troubled by what to eat? And cooking is too much trouble, so is there any simple and healthy food for quick breakfast and dinner? Yes, this is where we introduce this nutritious porridge suitable for you.

Human health is closely related to food intake. A scientific diet can bring about a healthy body. Human beings absorb nutrients from food, obtain energy from food, and maintain the normal operation of various organs of the human body. When choosing food, of course you must choose nutritious food, which will improve and help the human body the most.

In daily life, when it comes to nutritious food, we usually think of those expensive and scarce food, such as bird’s nest, ginseng, cordyceps and so on. In fact, among foods, the most common foods are the most nourishing and have the highest nutritional value. Food therapy and health preservation, the most important thing is to follow the natural way! As introduced in the previous article, 159 vagan meal is composed of 159 ingredients.Zuo Danli’s adjustment is in line with the practitioners of the current global healthy diet, now let’s talk about the taste of the new Zuodanli multigrain porridge after the GI index is reduced.

So what exactly is the GI value?

GI is the (Glycemic Index). Why do people care so much about the GI value of the food they eat?

To put it simply, the higher the GI value of food, the easier it is for the food to be stored as fat in the body & the easier it is to be hungry! Foods with a high GI will be digested soon after entering the digestive system, the sugar will be released and enter the blood which will be absorbed quickly, and the blood sugar will rise rapidly. But the body is very smart. When the blood sugar rises, insulin will immediately come out to force the blood sugar to drop and return to a stable state. But insulin is a hormone that not only helps the body stabilize blood sugar, but also helps the body store fat. Therefore, lowering the GI of the new product is more conducive to controlling blood sugar and reducing obesity, etc.

Human stomach cells are renewed every 7 days;Skin cells are renewed every 28 days or so;Liver cells are replaced every 180 days;Red blood cells are renewed every 120 days;In about a year, 98% of the body’s cells are renewed. It takes 7 years for bone cells to renew. Therefore, no matter you have three highs, weight loss, gastrointestinal problems, and sub-health problems, please give your body some time to improve your health with scientific methods and dietary methods.

The concept of “food is the best medicine” and “food and medicine combined” runs through China’s food culture for thousands of years, and Western medicine also agrees with this concept. actually. The seemingly simple shopping and cooking contains rich mysteries of health preservation.

From a broad perspective, food, like medicine, comes from nature and can also treat diseases. Until today, many foods are still widely used as traditional Chinese medicine, such as jujube, lotus seeds, yam, white lentils, hawthorn, etc. Cordyceps sinensis, honeysuckle, American ginseng, etc.

Food is the cornerstone of life, and grains support life

The Miscellaneous grains are the seeds with vitality. The “Huangdi Neijing” makes it very clear that “the five grains are for nourishment, the five fruits are for help, and the five animals are for the benefit.” People must eat five grains to be healthy, and the five grains are for life; the fruits and vegetables we eat help you digest; the five animals are beneficial, and meat plays a tonic role.

No matter the nation that mainly eats meat or the nation that mainly eats fibrous food must eat grains. why? Sustaining human life not only depends on fat and protein, but also countless seeds with vitality.

Look at Wuzi Yanzong Pills and kidney-tonifying medicines in traditional Chinese medicine. Most of them are seeds, such as medlar, schisandra, etc. All seeds have the ability to prolong life.

Since ancient times,as a chinese saying that “those who gain the grain will prosper, and those who lose the grain will perish.” It means that people need whole grains , and the body will be healthy with proper nutrition, and diseases will appear in the body if the nutrition is unbalanced.

Modern research has also confirmed that whole grains are very rich in nutrients, and the cellulose and minerals in them are several times that of ordinary white rice. And it contains vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C, vitamin E, etc. and trace elements such as calcium, potassium, iron, zinc, etc., which are rich treasures.

In particular, whole grains are the main source of dietary fiber, and many whole grains contain a large amount of unsaturated fatty acids that can lower cholesterol and prevent cardiovascular and other diseases, so they can almost provide most of the nutrients necessary for the human body, and can be said to be the most nutritious food group.

Now that we’ve introduced it, we’re going to talk about Zuodanli 159 Vegetarian Whole Meal. In fact, you may already be familiar with it. It uses whole grains as an important component, and it is accompanied by nuts, fungi and algae, seeds and flowers, which are derived from nature. The ingredients, the multigrain porridge composed of its unique formula, is not rich in nutrition, this editor will not talk nonsense here, anyone who has experienced it knows. Today I will mainly talk about the relationship between this bowl of whole grain porridge and the health preservation of modern people.

Discuss health preservation from a bowl of porridge

Health preservation is to maintain life through various methods, enhance physical fitness, prevent diseases, and prolong life. And diet is one of the most important part.

In order to maintain a good taste, the most nutritious part of the food is removed from the various finely processed foods we eat every day, and various chemical additives are added in order to have a delicious taste. Long-term consumption of such foods has led to various diseases such as malnutrition, obesity or impaired immune system, prone to allergies, sleep disorders, and chronic diseases in most people.

Therefore, in recent years, dietary health has been paid more and more attention by people. If the diet can be scientifically and rationally matched, and the nutrients needed by the human body can be comprehensively and reasonably supplemented, it will help improve many diseases caused by unhealthy diet. But how to eat is good for health, and how to eat in line with the habits of Chinese people has become the most concerned issue of the public today.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that “the four seasons are based on stomach qi”, “if there is stomach qi, there will be life, and if there is no stomach qi, there will be death”, and whole grains are the main source of stomach qi.

In the “Pagoda of Balanced Diet for Chinese Residents”, whole grains are located at the bottom of the pagoda, which is the basis of the entire dietary structure. They can provide the energy needed by the human body and more than half of the protein. Compared with fine grains, coarse grains in cereals are not only rich in amino acids and high-quality protein necessary for the human body, but also contain calcium, phosphorus and other minerals and vitamins. Compared with fine grains such as rice and white flour, coarse grains are not as delicious as refined foods, but coarse grains have lower carbohydrate content and high dietary fiber content, which makes them easier to feel full after eating, which can reduce calorie intake and achieve weight loss.

In addition, the insoluble cellulose in coarse grains is usually 5-10 times higher than that in polished rice flour, which is more conducive to ensuring the normal operation of the digestive system and promoting intestinal peristalsis. And this kind of cellulose can regulate the absorption of glucose and fat by the intestinal wall, and accelerate the decomposition of fat.

Because the bran is preserved in processing, coarse grains are richer in vitamin B group and minerals such as magnesium and selenium, and because of their low GI value, they have a strong sense of satiety, so they are perfect for people with diabetes, three highs and people who lose weight.

In fact, eating whole grains is not only more nutritional supplements, but also a healthy way of life.

Zuodanli 159 Vegetarian Whole Meal is a special formula based on the health preservation theory of traditional Chinese medicine classics such as “Compendium of Materia Medica” and “Huangdi Neijing”, and integrated with the dietary structure of Chinese people. Select different ingredients such as roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruits, etc., accurately calculate the ratio of ingredients according to modern nutritional standards, and use scientific production technology to prepare natural and environmentally friendly ingredients into nutritionally balanced, comprehensive and rich five-grain dietary porridge.

Every ingredient selected by Zuodanli 159 is based on the formula principles of traditional Chinese medicine diet and health preservation, and is perfectly combined with modern nutrition. It is not the so-called simple accumulation of raw materials, but the “five colors, five flavors, five The harmony of the five elements can be achieved through the combination of nature and the five elements, so that the human body can achieve harmony and unity.

It also has low-sugar, low-fat, sodium-free, and high-protein food characteristics, and is basically suitable for people of all ages. It can also help to improve people’s daily unhealthy diet structure, so that each meal can be varied and nutritionally balanced.

Properties of 159 Vegetarian Whole Meals

Diversity of ingredients

159 Vegetarian Whole Meal is just like her name, it is rich in 159 kinds of ingredients. Including whole grains, miscellaneous beans, soybeans, various nuts, seeds, bacteria and algae, flowers, etc., more than 30 of which are medicinal and edible ingredients, which perfectly interprets the concept of “food diversity”.

nutritional balance

According to the “international standard of 40 kinds of essential nutrients for human body and 15 kinds of other important nutrients”, it is reasonably matched. Tested by professional organizations: 159 vegetarian meals are not only rich in 18 kinds of amino acids, 10 kinds of vitamins, but also contain folic acid and biotin. At the same time, she also contains 10 kinds of minerals, including what we often call calcium, iron, zinc and selenium. What’s more valuable is that the ingredients of 159 also contain essential linolenic acid and linoleic acid.

natural integrity

Purchasing raw materials with shells: Nuts, seeds, and beans all retain their shells, which can effectively block the infection of bacteria, poisons and pesticides, retain the complete nutrition of the ingredients, and are active to grow sprouts.

Whole-grain meal: the seeds, corneum, aleurone layer, germ, and endosperm of the soybean are completely prepared. No artificial extracts and chemical ingredients are added.


159 Vegetarian Whole Meal crushes 159 ingredients into powder and fine particles through physical wall-breaking technology, which not only ensures the release of nutrients, but also ensures the content of dietary fiber, which greatly improves the body’s ability to absorb energy.

“Health preservation”, this term is not a broad term, but a kind of accumulated crystallization of our daily life. Therefore, we have to start with the most common and subtle aspects of life, and the staple food is the core of the diet. Only when we eat a suitable staple food, eat a healthy staple food, and stick to whole grains as the staple food, can we gradually regulate our body and improve many discomforts in the body, and then use this as a basis to learn more about health preservation and put it into practice. In terms of action, I usually pay more attention to the balance between work and rest, and take part in more sports to gradually eliminate symptoms such as obesity, physical diseases, and insufficient energy and blood from the body. Although whole grains are small, their effects have benefited us a lot. I believe that as long as we persist in a good health regimen, we will be able to obtain a healthy body and a better life.

In fact, eating 159 full vegetarian meals is more about adjusting our own eating habits, so that we can eat less and eat right, and eat healthily! Balance is health! 159 Vegetarian Full Meals are as real as you can see.