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Moxibustion Patch for Moxa Treatment at Home

The moxibustion patch, also known as chinese medicine “ai- jiu” ,is gradually becoming popular in the market as a substitute for traditional moxibustion. The heating time is long (about 8-12 hours), and the operation is extremely simple. Symptoms can be relieved to some extent.At present, the most frequently used moxibustion is for disease prevention and health care. With the improvement of living standards, everyone is very concerned about health care, and they all hope to have a healthy body.

What is Moxibustion?

Moxibustion is one of the ancient external treatment methods. Its principle is to warm the blood, eliminate pathogenic factors and regulate the function of the viscera, so as to delay aging and strengthen the body.Besides, women’s common dysmenorrhea and menstrual disorders, etc., can also be prevented and treated through moxibustion stickers.

Chinese Moxibustion Patch-What is it ?

The moxibustion patch is based on the warm patch with plaster patches and traditional Chinese medicine packets added. The plaster and traditional Chinese medicine packets can be better absorbed by the body under the promotion of the appropriate temperature of the heating patch, so that the drugs can reach the lesion faster and promote the recovery of the human body.

The moxibustion patch

What is the Moxibustion patch Good for?

The moxa-heat moxibustion adopts the self-heating technology, which is mainly made of Chinese herbal medicines such as mugwort leaves, angelica, wind vine, and activated charcoal. This moxa-heat moxibustion is very effective. By sticking to the acupoints of the human body, it can promote blood circulation and accelerate metabolism, what’s more , reduce swelling and relieve pain, and can help to frozen shoulder, lumbar disc herniation, arthritis, osteoarthritis Hyperplasia, uterine cold, irregular menstruation and other diseases. But when using it, be sure to ask your doctor if it is suitable.

Moxibustion Patch Instructions You need to Know

The moxa-hot moxibustion patch is harmless to the human body. Why is it so popular?

Convenient to carry

Shunzhitang moxa-heat moxibustion is easy to operate, you can use moxa whenever you want, wherever you feel uncomfortable , “moxibustion” is as simple as that.


Moxa-heat moxibustion can be used with stickers without ignition. Its mild temperature is safe, stable and lasting, and it does not burn.


It must be more obvious: from raw material extraction to processing research and development, wormwood can play a better role.

Wide audience

The medical cotton cloth used outside the moxibustion bag has a super soft steam coating and better permeability, which can be directly applied by children.

It is possible to Perform Moxibustion Treatment at home

Many people are very familiar with the benefits of moxibustion, and in recent years, more and more consumers have developed a strong interest in this way of health preservation. However, due to the extremely complicated use of traditional moxibustion, this process is not easy to achieve at first. The invention of moxibustion patch provides everyone with a convenient new experience of moxibustion!

Compared with traditional moxibustion, this product has better effects and is extremely easy to use. One person can complete it independently, and can apply it anytime and anywhere. The health care process is no longer limited by time and place.