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How Do You Eat 159 Vegetarian Meal?

When you receive 159 meal, you may ask how to eat this meal? Now this article will share with you 159 eating details .

3 kind of eating methods

1.Eating 159 With the meal

159 meal replacement can be used as a snack, nutrient porridge , with three meals a day , eat the way as you want.
[who is best for]: any people including children, pregnant women and the elderly.

2.Meal replacement

Replace one meal such as dinner or two meals breakfast and dinner in a day, no taboos.
[who is best for]: People who are busy with work or women pursuit beauty  & health, conditioning sub-health, but pregnant women and children are not recommended . It’s a very nice way to lose weight, as you can eat anything you like for lunch. But please keep in mind that, if you want to lose weight you must eat 159 for dinner.

3. Diet exchange

Replace all three meals a day with 159 meals , you can arrange 3 days,7 days or 14 days diet exchange. During the diet exchange, you have to eat only 159 and water, 200 ml before and after eating 159, nothing else. More than 3000 ml of water one day is better . Add some brown sugar water if there are dizziness during the exchange.

  1. Take 159 for breakfast OR dinner for 2 days
  2. Then take 159 for breakfast AND dinner for 2 days
  3. On Day 5, start Diet exchange to replace all meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner, we recommend 7- day meal replacement.
  4. You need to at least continue to eat 159 for dinner & breakfast for about 20 days, before you start the second time diet exchange.

[who is best for]:  people who are serious sub-health, weak immunity and detoxification of the body. It’s a period of fast weight loss. Pregnant women, children should not be allowed.

***Drink a lot of room temperature/warm water throughout the day


Steps of adding boiled water

1. Preparing a pot of hot water (because 159 must be boiled with water, the effect will be weakened if you delay sometime.

2.While boiling water,  you have to drink 200 ml warm water first.

3. Prepare one cup.

4.Open 159 packet.

5. Stirring while pouring water . Generally controlling water  within 200 ml, according to your taste.

6.Remember to stir evenly

7.Cover the lid, boring 3-10 minutes.

8.It’s almost ready.

9.Have a try. Delicious.

10. Drink 200ml water last.

For different kind of people , how do you eat best?

Different Types The ultimate purpose of eating 159 Eating methods
Overweight Weight Loss Diet exchange
Emaciation Gain weight Add after meal half an hour
Physique weakness increase physical fitness Add after meals
Diabetes Drop Blood sugar Replace breakfast and supper
Hypertensive patients Lower blood pressure Replace breakfast and supper
Bloating stomach pain repair damaged gastric mucous Boiled to eat
Most of people Detoxification or improve health Diet exchange then meal replacement