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5 Minute Vegan Meals Delicious Non-fat Vegetarian Porridge

Happy life,it should start with a good breakfast. However, the increasingly busy life makes everyone rush to deal with breakfast.The rough ones are just to satisfy the feeling of satiety, while the casual ones don’t care about nutrition and safety.Then it will not only affect your health, but also your mental state throughout the day! The way to start your day with energy, it should be a nutritious breakfast! It’s better to use a bowl of Zuodanli multigrain porridge,save your time, delicious and nutritious,It can give you motivation to spend a nice day!In this post we introduce this 5 minute vegetarian porridge,High in nutrition and low in calories.

So what is a qualified nutritious breakfast?

That’s right, it’s Zuodanli non-cooking multigrain porridge,A bowl of nutritious and balanced breakfast is presented in front of you. Rinse with boiling water for 3 minutes.The Four Keys should be in a Healthy Diet!

  1. Rich in protein

No matter at any time, protein is one of the indispensable nutrients. In our daily diet, we can take in protein through foods such as meat, eggs, milk, and beans. And it takes a long time to digest and metabolize, so eating enough protein at breakfast can provide a longer-lasting feeling of fullness and help you eat less at lunch. In addition, protein can also improve the body’s metabolism, promote muscle growth, and help muscle repair.

  1. High-quality complex carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are one of the body’s main sources of energy. If breakfast lacks carbohydrate intake, the brain will lack nutrition and affect the physical and mental activities of the day. There are many sources of carbohydrates, but it is better to focus on complex carbohydrates. For example, whole grains can be used instead of refined rice and noodles for staple food. Coarse grains contain more and richer nutrients, so it is best to eat a combination of coarse and fine grains as the staple food for daily breakfast.

  1. Adequate dietary fiber

Dietary fiber is an essential nutrient for the human body every day. After the dietary fiber enters the intestines and stomach, it swells with water and becomes larger, which can bring a strong sense of fullness and help reduce calorie intake. Moreover, foods rich in dietary fiber can promote gastrointestinal health and relieve constipation.

  1. Rich in vitamins and minerals

Vitamins and minerals do not provide any energy for the human body, but they are essential nutrients for human growth, metabolism, and development. The vitamins and minerals needed by the human body can basically be found in fruits and vegetables, so if you want to ensure sufficient nutrition every day, then add a serving of fruits and vegetables to your breakfast.

Why Zuodanli multigrain porridge is a good choice for breakfast?

Zuodanli 159 multigrain porridge is free of cooking, easy to brew and digest, nourishes the stomach and also rich in nutrition. Get up early every day with an empty stomach , having a cup of 159 multigrain porridge to nourish the stomach, and mix it with some fruits and vegetables. It will not increase the burden on the digestive system, nor will it cause excess nutrition, and it will provide rich nutrition.

What is considered a high-quality healthy breakfast?

Balance: that is, the food should be diversified

Integrity: the full absorption of important nutrients in food

Sustainability: Get comprehensive and balanced nutrition every day

Timeliness: timely replenish the balanced and complete materials needed for body cell repair

Rich and diverse ingredients

159 multigrain porridge as a health porridge, it selects 159 kinds of ingredients from nature including nuts, seeds, flowers, grain beans, fungi and algae, interpreting the concept of “diversification of ingredients”. In terms of human beings absorbing food and nutrients, it has achieved the balance of nutrition, but also ensures the content of various vitamins and dietary fiber, which greatly improves the body’s ability to absorb energy.

159 vegetarian meals rich in Vitamins and Minerals

In 159 Vegan Meals, the human body usually needs iron, magnesium, zinc, selenium and other trace elements, vitamin E, vitamin K, folic acid and biotin are very rich, saving a lot of time and money and carrying nutrient bottles Cans of trouble.

Low GI foods help control postprandial blood sugar

every time we eat a food, the blood sugar after the meal will change, some are low, some are high. This level, we can’t rely on our feelings, we have to use a number to express it. When we see this value, we know the food in advance, and the change in blood sugar after eating it. This value is GI. Low GI foods are foods with a glycemic index less than 55. The key to distinguish between high and low GI is the speed of absorption and the amount of absorption. Low GI food stays in the stomach and intestines for a long time, releases energy slowly, and the peak value of glucose after entering the blood is lower, and the rate of blood sugar drop is slower, causing a small postprandial blood sugar response, requiring less insulin accordingly, and avoiding violent fluctuations in blood sugar. Preventing hyperglycemia can also prevent hypoglycemia, which is conducive to blood sugar control.

159 instant multigrain porridge is a healthy and nutritious food designed mainly for modern people’s high-intensity work, fast-paced life, irregular diet and sub-healthy physique. Only by developing good eating and living habits can we comply with the laws of nature and satisfy our body’s nutrition. Therefore, if you want to be healthy, eating well is very important! Let us eat less, eat right, and eat whole, healthy every day starts from the dining table!

The most important simple and convenient

Each bag of 159 instant porridge is individually packaged with 35 grams, boiled water, simmered for 3 minutes, and a bowl of nutritious multigrain porridge is ready. All the ingredients of Zuodanli 159 multigrain porridge are natural ingredients without any additives.If you’re too busy in the morning ,this 5 Minute Vegan Meals 159 must suit you and try it.