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Why Can 159 Meal Recuperate From Most Diseases?

There are such new conversations you might feel fresh:

“Can foods treat the disease?”
“Eating can cure difficult miscellaneous diseases?”
“This is not a fantasy?”
“It’s not a joke??”

What I want to tell you is that this is not fiction, but one great news of health to you about human being.

If you are told that human beings can heal their own disease without having to take medicine, you might ask me: are you crazy? But this is a fact! “Because human beings do not have to take medicine at all!” This is a truly great discovery that will change the health history of human.

Heart disease, cerebral thrombosis, hypertension, diabetes, gout and dozens of Life-long refractory diseases which can be cured in a simple way – this method is “eating” you believe it? Dare not to believe it! But it’s true.

“Let food be thy medicine and let medicine be thy food”. Bad food is bad medicine and will make us sick. Good food is good medicine that can prevent, reverse, and even cure disease. Take away the bad food, put in the good food and magic happens.  You may hear some good news from your friend who ate 159,  she becomes thinner, healthier and more beautiful , is 159 vegetarian meal really so magical? Today we would like to expose the secrets of 159 vegetarian meal ( 159 natural foods), why it works, and how it heals your body.

First, let’s see what is 159 Vegetarian whole meal 

159 Vegetarian meal is one natural, organic food with the proportion of nutritious foods accurately calculated according to nutrition standards. It includes whole grains, beans, soybeans, nuts, seeds, algae and flowers. Among these materials, more than 30 kinds of medicinal and edible ingredients, such as Chinese wolfberry, honeysuckle, cassia seed, wild jujube kernel, prickly heat, pecan kernel, barley, kidney bean and so on, perfectly illustrate the concept of “food diversification”.

Simply to say, 159 works as following four functions –ventilation of blood; detoxification ; energy supply; tune the internal organs . When you  finish cleansing the blood cells , getting the spleen and stomach improved , discharging the toxins and making up the energy ,most of the diseases will be cured as 159 helps you start your own self-healing which is much more powerful.

How does 159 benefit for our our five internal organs?

159 is based on the five colors of food nourishing the five internal organs. The internal organs of the humans’ body are interrelated. 159 ingredients correspond the heart ,liver,spleen,kidney and lung ,spleen!

159 benefit for five
159 benefit for five












1, Red foods – benefit for the heart

Red foods belong to the five elements of the “fire” which is benefit for the heart.

Eating more red foods can prevent colds, make up the blood, so it is more suitable for those people such as physical thin, anemia, heart palpitations, limbs cold, hand and foot weakness and other symptoms .

Corresponding food: red pepper, red bean sweet potato, carrot, red dates, tomato, hawthorn, strawberry


2, Yellow foods – benefit for the spleen

Yellow food is the best food to protect spleen and stomach, so we have to know how to nourish and protect them!

At the same time, yellow stimulates nerves and stimulates energy, helping to concentrate and increase interest in learning, especially benefit when you eat during breakfast.

Corresponding foods: soybeans, burdock, foot tubers, barley, chive, pumpkin, apples, corn and other corn.


3, Green foods – benefit for Liver

Green foods, including green vegetables and fruits, are the main source of vitamins, the main effect is to sense the stomach, promote growth, detoxification.

Green foods are not only beneficial for liver circulation, metabolism, but also to eliminate fatigue, relieve liver depression, eating more dark or green food plays the role of liver protection.

Corresponding foods: cabbage, cabbage and spinach, etc., contains beneficial liver health chlorophyll and multi-vitamins!


4, Black foods – benefit for kidney

Kidney is our natural basis, the main possession of sodium. Black foods are the most obviously effective for kidney prevention and treatment of cardiovascular and anti-aging.

Melanin-containing foods also help to improve kidney metabolism and reproductive system function.

The corresponding food: black beans, black rice, black sesame, black fungus, seaweed.


5, white foods – benefit for lungs

White food can nourish lungs, so people who are weak in lung function should eat more white foods to enhance anti-allergic and inflammatory functions .

The corresponding food: yam, white beans, melon, pear, white radish, white fungus, lotus root, lily, rice noodles, tofu, cauliflower, bamboo shoots, sweet potato and so on.

Why 159 Meal Can Recuperate From Most Diseases?

When each organ is well-balanced nutrition absorption, the body will be naturally healthy! Everyone needs to eat food , but eating the right food is the best choice.

【1】159 is composed of 159 kinds of ingredients in accordance with prescriptions which has therapeutic function.
【2】 159 is a purely natural alkaline food which can quickly adjust acidic physique and sub-health symptoms.
【3】 Eating 1-2 bags a day to meet the body’s nutritional needs ,making our diet completely reasonable.
【4】 Giving the body a comprehensive “4S maintenance” with 159 Vegetarian meal replacement for seven days, waking up and starting the body’s self-healing system which will repair and conditioning the body’s internal organs to make you 3-5 years younger.

If you want to detox or lose weight to manage chronic diseases, it’s never late to have a try.