“159 is not a medicine ,it is only the standard food. The improvement of the body varies from everyone.” — Disclaimers

Hello friends, this site is created to offer 159 vegetarian dietary supplement (159 meals) information who needs.Good news-Zuodanli 159 Vegetarian Whole Meal Packaging Fully Updated!

159 mealChinese meal replacement is one vegetarian porridge with 159 kinds of natural foods which is the world’s first high nutrition organic ingredients , including whole grains , beans , soybeans, various nuts , seeds, mushroom , and flowers .

Besides, it also includes more than 30 kinds of herbal medicine source ingredients , such as wolfberry, red dates , honeysuckle , cassia seed , radish seed, pecans , barley , beans and so on .This porridge can replenish 40 essential nutrients and 15 other important nutrients needed by the human body in a day. It is 35 grams per packet with 155 calories,no additives, no preservatives, no pesticide residues, no GMO, no extraction.

It’s high nutritional supplement fulfills the lack of protein, minerals , trace elements , unsaturated fatty acids from daily diet or other vegetarian diet.

Instead of the external stimulus from western medicine, 159’s dietary therapy formula is meant to Activate Your Self-Healing Ability.Also it has obtained the “Low GI Food Certification” from the Global Green Alliance (Beijing) Food Safety Certification Center.

It can reduce the risk of heart disease, obesity, hypertension, type 2 diabetes, leading to a longer life expectancy. It’s especially effective for weight loss

Why We Recommend 159 Vegetarian Full Meals?

  • Nutritious and healthy three-minute finished fast food,you don’t have to cook anymore
  • The best detox food for weight loss,what’s more important is to have a healthier body
  • It also increases the humoral immunity by regulating the spleen and stomach
  • Purifing your blood and remove toxin from the blood
  • Self-repair of internal organs to prolong life
  • Remedial help for underlying disease
  • Protect animals and saving more animals from killing

If you are trying it for the first time and not sure if you like the taste, we recommend this set:
3 boxes 159 Meals Affordable Package

36 Groups of People Most in Need of Detoxification

Constipation Obesity Fatty liver Hyperlipidemia Melasma Acne
High blood pressure Diabetes Cholecystitis Eczema Coronary heart Cirrhosis
Psoriasis Gout Hepatitis Allergy Cyst of liver cyst of kidney
Insomnia Arthritis Rheumatoid Bad breath Body odor Blood viscosity
Canker sores Prostatitis Ovarian cysts Breast hyperplasia Uterine fibroids Low back pain
Prostatic hypertrophy Malabsorption Chronic bronchitis Excessive use of drugs Neck&back pain Endocrine disorder

Who Is 159 Vegetarian Meal For?

1. Vegetarians; 2. Office workers;

3. Sub-healthy people with low immunity;

4. Mothers and pregnant women; 5. The elderly

6. Children and adolescents;

7. Ladies who lose weight and love beauty

How Many Packets in Each Box?

Each box has 10 packets and each packet is 35g, each carton has 40 boxes.

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Showing all 14 results