159 Multigrain Bars 5 Boxes(Sweet and Sour)

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159 multigrain bars strictly controls the formula ratio and based on the ingredients contained in Zuodanli’s multi-grain porridge as a scientific formula, selecting 159 kinds of natural grains from 9 categories including grains, beans, nuts, seeds, flowers, bacteria and algae. Cereal grains continues the high-quality products in the 159 energy multigrain bars, and adding acerola cherry powder, prickly pear powder, cranberry powder, red raspberry powder, strawberry powder, mulberry powder, Luo Han Guo powder, carrot powder, tomato powder, spinach Natural fruit, vegetable powder, and chia seeds with high vitamin C content such as rice flour, broccoli powder, and cabbage powder and other natural fruit and vegetable powders with high vitamin C content, as well as chia seeds and other ingredients.


What is “159 Energy Multigrain Bar”?

Product Name: 159 Multigrain Bar
Author: Han Dan
Product Cost: 13.9$/Box
Place of Production: Jilin Province
Taste:  a bit sour taste
Weight: 150 g (25gx6 )
Shelf Life:8 months
Who is best for: Suitable for all ages. Delicious Snacks

Zuodanli 159 Energy Miscellaneous Grain Bar in order to meets consumers’ needs for product quality and taste while ensuring the scientific nutrition of the product, with the joint efforts of the Zuodanli Group’s multigrain diet expert team and the R&D team, after several rounds of continuous optimization, it was successfully launched.

  • 0 Add artificial vitamin C,It tastes a bit sour, it is the taste of natural fruit.
  • Cranberries, prickly pears, acerola cherries and other natural vitamin C-containing ingredients are added. The product is high in protein, high in dietary fiber, high in vitamin C, and rich in various minerals.
  • Select 159 ingredients in 9 categories, and add natural ingredients such as cranberries and chia seeds.
  • Nutritious and delicious, easy to carry
  • Relieve hunger as breakfast or dinner , heart-warming and delicious afternoon tea.

159 Multigrain Bars Nutrition Table

Items Each 100g NRV%
Energy 1654kJ 20%
Protein 17.1g 29%
Fat 8.6g 14%
One trans fat (acid) 0g
Carbohydrate 61.5g 21%
Dietary fiber 11.6g 46%
Na 195mg 10%
Vitamin E 5.12mg a-TE 37%
Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) 61.4mg 61%
Phosphorous 282mg 40%
Ca 505mg 63%
Fe 4.2mg 28%
zinc 10.10 mg 67%

159 Multigrain Bar Ingredients list:

soy protein granules (soy protein isolate, big Rice noodles, corn starch, calcium carbonate, polydextrose) Grains crispy (whole wheat flour, compound grain blended flour (soybean, pea, glutinous rice, black rice, white sesame, peanut kernel, corn, rice millet, brown rice, sorghum rice, wheat kernel, naked barley, red rice, black skin yellow kernel soybean, red adzuki bean, mung bean, buckwheat rice, japonica rice, purple glutinous rice, tartary buckwheat, flammulina velutipes, black millet, indica rice, rye, heading cabbage, white lotus seed Yunnan pine seed kernel, agastache leaves, lily, white kidney bean, black fruit medlar, red kidney bean, flower kidney bean, purple potato , dried sweet potato, dried mango, dried kiwi fruit, dried yam, dried wild jujube, dried autumn fruit, dried black jujube, dried grapefruit, siraito, hemp seed, dried dark plum pineapple, white sorghum rice, kudzu root, white glutinous corn, summer magnolia fruit, dried ginger, dandelion leaf, white cowpea, orange peel, dried yellow peach, gorgon fruit, millet, black peanut, dried litchi, white millet, dried pineapple, dried winter melon, cedar pine seed, dried green bean and blueberry, dried fig, dried chestnut Dried cowpea, dried black currant, dried strawberry, dried pitaya, dried mushroom, night wheat, dried pumpkin, purple rice, dried bamboo shoots, dried green root nuts, dried potato, dried coconut, black corn, dried jujube, dried Chinese toon, dried orange, dried cranberry, malt, dried pear, dried mushroom, dried eggplant, dried shepherd’s purse, dried elm, dried wheat germ, black kidney beans, mushroom, dried cherry, green bean, green bean, dried cabbage, red lotus seed, dried Brazilian pine seed, dried chicory Tea Tree Mushroom, Hickory Kernel, Hazelnut Kernel, Korean Pine Kernel, Happy Kernel, Cooked Cashew Kernel, Sunflower Kernel, Barley Seedling Powder, Mixed Adzuki Bean (black seed coat), Amomum villosum, chickpea, lentil, concanavalin, green bean, kidney bean, Dutch bean, seabuckthorn leaf, four-winged bean, cowpea, watermelon seed, pumpkin seed, nectarine, perilla seed, luffa seed, zucchini seed, radish seed, black sesame, mushroom, seabuckthorn dry, perilla leaf Dried bayberry, hazelnut mushroom, Hericium erinaceus, Pleurotus ostreatus, Tricholoma matsutake, Poria cocos, Tremella fuciformis, Morchella esculenta, Lentinula edodes, mushrooms, Spirulina maxima, seaweed, laver, wolfberry, dried red dates, dried green peppers, red cauliflower beans, pine pollen, red cowpea, clove, chrysanthemum, Liaodong dried wood (dried spiny sprouts), white flat tofu pudding, Hami dried melon, dried kumquat, tea tree flower Black skinned green kernel soybean flour, quinoa wheat flour, brown Rice noodles, soy protein isolate, corn starch], oligomeric isomaltose syrup, cranberry flakes, wheat germ flakes, sunflower seed oil, pea crisps (pea flour, big Rice noodles, corn starch, cassava starch, calcium carbonate, polydextrose), Qiya seed, freeze-dried carrot flour, almond kernel chips, wheat peptide powder, highland barley protein crisps (highland barley flour, large Rice noodles, corn starch, calcium carbonate, polydextrose) Cranberry powder, freeze-dried red raspberry powder, soybean peptide, rosa roxburghii powder, conifer cherry powder, tomato powder, black sesame, mulberry powder, lemon juice powder, freeze-dried strawberry powder, instant Arhat fruit powder, spinach powder, broccoli pollen, freeze-dried cabbage powder, beet juice concentrate powder, glycerin, calcium gluconate, phospholipid, zinc gluconate, vitamin E (dl- α- Tocopherol acetate), folic acid.


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How many packs in a box? Tere Daane asked on March 1, 2023

Hi, dear, it is 6 packets per box,thanks

admin answered on April 1, 2023 store manager
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