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“159 Vegetarian Meals”is a new Brand of Healthy Vegetarian Dietary Supplement named Zuo Dan Li. It contains 159 kinds of natural ingredients from the combination of foods with aims to reduce the risk of heart disease, obesity, hypertension, type 2 diabetes and some types of cancer, leading to a longer life expectancy. It’s effective for weight loss.

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What is “159 full Vegetarian Meals”?

Product Name: 159 full Vegetarian Meals
Author: Han Dan
Product Cost: 26$/Box
Place of Production: Jilin Province
Taste: taste like sesame paste
Weight: 350 g
Who is best for: Suitable for all ages, especially for those who want to lose weight fast by foods.

“159 Vegetarian Meals” ,short as “159”, is a new Brand of Healthy Vegetarian Dietary Supplement named Zuo Dan Li. It contains 159 kinds of natural ingredients from the combination of food,making it #1 food package in the world. Its high nutrition make up for protein, minerals, trace elements, unsaturated fatty acids which are easily lack of the daily food and ordinary vegetarian. 159 aims to correct the normal lifestyle, eat more, eat wrong, eat loss, get rid of cell unhealthy condition, restore cell self-healing , recuperate sub-health,disease and so on ! You can find the natural materials list of 159 Vegetarian meals below:

Cereals: glutinous rice, barley, black rice, buckwheat rice, oats, millet,  brown rice, sorghum rice, wheat, barley, soybeans, black beans, black beans, red beans, green beans, peas, beans , Lentils, concanavalin, green beans, kidney beans, Dutch beans, soybeans, dragon beans, ridge boat beans, cow-pea.

Nuts: pecans, hazelnut, pine nuts, happy nuts, almonds, sunflower seeds, peanuts, ginkgo nuts.

Seeds: watermelon seeds, pumpkin seeds, grape seed, cucumber seeds, basil seeds, lettuce seeds, cherry seeds, melon seeds, bitter gourd seeds, melon seeds, bergamot seeds, gold loofah seeds, loofah seeds, Zucchini seeds, cucumber seeds, parsley seeds, broccoli seeds, broccoli seeds, broccoli seeds, broccoli seeds, Pilan seeds, amaranth, bitter seeds, pomegranate seeds, cabbage seeds, spinach seeds, Carrots seeds, toon seeds, kale seeds, chrysanthemum seeds, rapeseed, black sesame seeds, white sesame seeds, seabuckthorn, cassia seed, radish seed, jujube kernel, hemp seed, pine pollen.

Fungi: hazel mushroom, Hericium, black fungus, red mushrooms, matsutake, Poria, Tremella, Morchella, mushrooms, red mushrooms, mushrooms, great spirulina, kelp, seaweed.

Flowers: red lilies, lilac flowers, chrysanthemum, Huaihua, generation of flowers, white beans, honeysuckle, Danfeng peony flowers, tea flowers , wolf-berry, red dates, green peppers, etc.

159 Vegetarian Meal Nutrition Table
159 ingredients Each 100g NRV%
Energy 1801KJ 21%
Protein 21.2g 35%
Fat 15.1g 25%
Carbohydrates 46.0g 15%
Edible fiber 12.5g 50%
Sodium 0mg 0%
Vitamin E 1.03mg a-TE 7%
Vitamin K 12.3ug 15%
Niacin (Niacin amide) 1.06mg 8%
Folic acid 63ug 16%
Biotin 8.5ug 28%
Phosphorus 332mg 47%
Potassium 880mg 44%
Magnesium 158mg 53%
Calcium 167mg 21%
Iron 4.8mg 32%
Zinc 2.81mg 19%
Selenium 12.0ug 24%
Copper 0.68mg 45%
Manganese 2.31mg 77%

From so many kinds of ingredients , what are special features of 159 vegetarian meal plan?

1.Complete & balanced Nutrient
2.Alkaline food: to correct acidic body
3.Be rich in plant protein
4.Low Carbohydrate
5.Contain enough unsaturated fatty acids
6.Abundant antioxidant plants nutrients

159,Is It Medicine ?

No! It’s neither a health care product nor a special weight loss product (weight loss is only a natural effect) 159 is simply a vegetarian diet meal in accordance with the theory of Chinese medicine health.

Actually, 159 is just one nutritious food which can eat with the meal. You can eat when during busy work.  The one who wants quickly lose weight can change it into main food, you can eat any way you want to. Women love to eat, the children can eat to become more clever, the old can eat, and the whole family can eat. It is really an easy meal plan.

Who Is 159 Vegetarian Meal For ?


Who can eat 159 Benefits of 159 Meal Plan
Vegetarians Vegetarians who eat 159 can get calcium, iron, zinc and all the balanced nutrients from the nuts, beans, seeds, flowers and fruits, grapes and other kinds of materials.
Office workers Office employees are always busy, they rarely concerned about their own diet, 159 as a energy meal, it’s not only easy to enhance the immune system, but also enhance physical fitness.
Sub-health immunity 159 contains 159-kind of natural nutrients which can quickly enhance the body immunity.
Pregnant women For pregnant women ,all kinds of nuts, grains, algae can provide a rich folic acid and zinc, Omega 3 to ensure offer a comprehensive nutrition for the growth of the child .
Children and adolescents 159 contains nuts, walnuts, hazelnut kernel, black sesame seeds, flax seed in the Omega 3 which make the Children & adolescents more intelligent
Middle-aged and elderly Pineapple, hemp seed, sea buckthorn seed contained in 159 ,is an essential part of longevity.
Men Cut off the big belly, get rid of constipation and beriberi. Try to be handsome and perfect fit body.
Diabetes 159 can effectively reduce blood sugar, relieve high blood lipids, reduce the amount of medication until you throw away the drug cans.
Slim & beauty of the woman Ladies, if you want to lose weight, start to change your diet first. 159,Clean the intestines, Improve constipation, Eliminate toxins, Improve immunity and Endocrine function. 159 meal is a good helper for women to lose weight.

How Do You Eat?

You can eat 159 meal in 3 different ways:

  1.  Most recommended:

Take 159 full meal in first 7 days.  Boil with boiling water or pot to boil which is more conducive to make some minerals dissolve in the water, so that the porridge can be more nutritious.

Time packet Notice
5:00-7:00 Breakfast 1 packet Drinking 200ml water before and after the 159 meal
11:00-1:00 Lunch 1 packet Drinking 200ml water before and after the 159 meal
5: 00-7: 00Supper 1 packet Drinking 200ml water before and after the 159 meal

You can eat extra 1-2 meals per day if you feel hungry, each meal 1 package; or, you can also adjust the whole dieting period for 14 days or 21 days and according to your own physical condition.


  1. Second plan, replace breakfast and dinner with 159 .
  2. Third plan, replace dinner with 159 only.



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  4. Julia

    159 Meal Replacement Powder is really good. I have eaten it for more than 2 months, and I have lost a lot of weight, especially the fat on my stomach has been significantly reduced, and my thighs have also lost a lot of weight. The effect of exercising was not obvious for weight loss. It seems that this meal replacement is more suitable for me.

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    Authentic and date fresh.My 9-year-old child also loves to drink it.

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    Refreshing and not greasy, very full, and the portion is sufficient. I really like 159 and have been eating it for more than five years.

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    The powder is fine, dissolves evenly, and is easily absorbed

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How many calories are in a pack of 159? Jenny asked on February 28, 2023

Hi, Jenny , 35 grams per packet with 155 calories.

admin answered on March 2, 2023 store manager
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