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How Does Diabetic Patient Eat 159 ?

Some people may want to know, I want to lose weight but I am diabetic, can I eat Zuodanli 159 vegetarian full meal?

Diabetic patients have a lot of things they can not eat. So they ask, Will a long-term eating of 159 not lead to malnutrition? What if you can eat it?How to eat it and will the effect be good?

Improving blood sugar is good.

Anyone you can eat can eat 159 and yes! diabetics of course can eat it. Not only can diabetics eat 159, its effect of improving blood sugar is also very good. The Zuodanli 159 vegetarian whole meal corrects diabetics excessive intake of high calorie (rice, meat, greasy) foods. 159 contains nuts, seeds, coarse grains and beans, all of which are slowly digested and absorbed, thus, slowing down the rise of blood glucose, and basically do not mobilize insulin to adjust blood glucose. As a result, many people with diabetes who eat 159 do not have to take insulin to lower their blood sugar.

Zuodanli 159 vegetarian whole meal provides a wealth of cellular repair materials and nutrients especially the trace elements, minerals and essential fat vitamins (B,A,E, etc.) that are difficult to absorb in ordinary food.It improves metabolism of the three substances, and also repairpancreatic islet cells and sub-healthy liver cells, and gradually restores the function of self-secreting insulin, Liver synthesis of glycogen and recovery of blood glucose function is also gradually restored, blood glucose drops and diabetes improves,thus, complications are impossible!

When a cell is deficient in nutrients, one is missing a hundred. Balanced nutrition is not something a single health product can do,Only a vegetarian meal like zuodanli 159 can be so versatile and balanced as a functional food.

Hold 159 hands and blood sugar will no longer be high.


















Example share: This man through 159 meal -7 day diet exchange & 14 day diet exchange & meal replacement during 3 months,  restoring his self-healing power, now high blood pressure and diabetes are back to normal.









How to eat for good effect

People with diabetes have high (severe) blood glucose, so they can’t eat 159 with meals. After 159, their blood glucose will be high.

If you really want to eat with your meal, you can only eat 159 as a staple with light vegetables.If the body condition permits, and the age is not very high, It’s best to replace the meal after the change.

If you’re weak or if you’re sick,You can start with meal replacements.Instead of one meal in the or two meals in the morning and evening (high blood sugar but not diabetes), you can also use 159 as a complementary food as porridge to eat with some vegetables, but it takes too long and the effects is not obvious. after adjusting for a period of time like this, the state of consiouseness or the condition of the disease is stable, and then the gradual change of food is started.

If you encounter diabetes with high blood sugar, please take the first meal or change the food. If it is a change of food, in the process of changing food, according to the daily labor intensity, to timely add food, ensure the daily energy supply, prevent hypoglycemia. You must change the food strictly according to the request, so that it can achieve the effect that recovers oneself to heal, recuperate the body.

Relationship with hypoglycemic drugs!

zuodanli 159 vegetarian whole meal is just one kind of food, just like the porridge you drink every day, it won’t conflict with any medicine.

In the process of restoring the body’s ability to heal itself, in the body’s fight against disease, in diabetics,there will be a period of adjustment reaction, and it will be found that there will be a period of time when the blood glucose index will increase unsteadily, and it will drop down after a period of time. Why?

This is because the garbage in the walls of the blood vessels is mixed with your blood and then it flows into the small vessels, and the blood becomes more cloudy,The filling of the circulation of the last bit of matter. This is like:Treat a muddy river. If the water must be cleaned of dirt,The way to remove the sludge is to float it up and mix it with water. The muddy water is drained away by running water. When the muddy water is drained, it will become clean water again.

The same is true for diseases and water treatment. When the garbage in the blood vessels is cleaned, it becomes a flexible blood vessel again. The quality of blood will be improved, and the blood glucose will return to normal. This process cannot be completed at once, and it needs to be repeated several times until the blood returns to normal, so that the blood glucose will naturally return to normal.

Is it amazing?

Is the self healing of diabetes really that mysterious? Is it really that complicated? In fact, it is very simple, just a small change in the concept, it is good to decide to change one of the wrong way of eating.

Statement: the above case is from 159 user sharing and does not involve commercial use.

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