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Zuodanli 159 Vegetarian Whole Meal Packaging Fully Updated!

On May 9, 2018, the Zuodanli Group and the China Polar Research Center held a signing conference in Shanghai. The “Zuodanli 159 Vegetarian Whole Meal” became the “selected product for China’s North Pole Expedition” officially and the product was packaged and used  “”China North-South Arc Study “trademark qualification.

The “Zuodanli 159 Vegetarian Whole Meal” packaging produced since June 17, 2018 (including June 17) has been fully updated:

1 The “China North and South Arctic Survey” trademark is printed on the packaging;

2 The “159 Vegetarian Whole Meals” trademark has been updated to “®” because it has obtained the “Vitamin Full Meal” category 30 trademark registration certificate;

Product 159 packaging:

Product Eco Bag:

Product packaging box:

3 According to the relevant provisions of the national food label, the aluminum foil bag, the text of the ingredient list on the box is updated as noted below;

If you hear of 159, please choose the brand Zuodanli 159. It is your best choice for your health.


2022.11, November 2022 UPDATED PACKET BELOW

one box 159 vegetarian meal updated package
one carton 159 meal

2023.11, November 2023 UPDATED PACKET BELOW

2023 latest packing