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A Vegetarian Diet 159 Vegetarian Meal – How to Eat?

Table of Contents

1. How to eat 159?
2. Why brew with boiling water?
3. During the 159 replacement, if I'm not hungry , do I still need to eat 159?
4. Several key points of Eating 159 You should know
5. What should I pay attention to when taking 159?
6. Is it possible to eat delicious food after eating 159?
7. Can I exercise during the 159 diet? 
8. How long does it take to work?
9. Will it bounce back?
10.Does it need to be eaten for a long time?
11.Are there any side effects?
12.How long is a course of treatment? How many boxes are required
13.How long does it take to lose weight without a meal replacement?
14.What's the harm of eating something else during a meal replacement?
159 vegetarian meal- brew with boiling water

How to eat 159?

  • For weight loss, replacing the meal;
  • For those with weak constitutions, eat 159 as snacks;
  • For those with the three high problems(Hyperlipidemia, Hypertension, and Hyperglycemia), breakfast and dinner replacement;
  • For those with stomach problems, cook and boiled to eat;
  • For those with detoxification and conditioning effects, replacing the meal too;

Check here for 3 kind of eating methods

Why brew with boiling water?

It is better to use boiled water to soak or boil it in a pot, so that some minerals dissolved in the water to make the porridge more nutritious. Especially after soaking it in boiling water or steel for 3 – 5 minutes,the upper layer of porridge is called “rice oil”, which contains high nutrients, such as vitamin B1, B2, dietary fiber and so on. However, some nutrients will be lost in hot water, but we have considered the loss of nutrients caused by high temperature in our formula, so we can achieve balanced nutrition.

During the 159 replacement, if I’m not hungry , do I still need to eat 159?

It is better to take a bag of 159 at night. This bag is very important at night, it can help the five internal organs to detoxify and repair themselves better.

Several key points of Eating 159 You should know

  1. 159 is a meal, not diet pills, not health products, not medicine, you can eat it every day, every month even every year;
  2. 159 Starts the body’s self-healing ability by repairing cells, expelling toxins and body waste;
  3. 159 is like a touchstone, reflecting the health of your body, what body reaction you have may indicate something wrong with the part of your body;
  4. Try not to use drugs and other means to suppress your adjustment reaction, let it expose and get through, and your physical afflictions will disappear or lessen. For those with chronic diseases and serious physical injuries, you need to insist in doing a meal replacement for some time;
  5. Drink more boiled water. Drink about 3000 ml per day during meal replacement, which helps to expel body waste and toxins from the body; Only drink 159 + boiled water meal replacement, and drink brown sugar water for hypoglycemia.
  6. Not everyone needs to lose weight, but everyone needs detoxification. Over the years, we have eaten too many uncertain healthy foods. Let’s adjust our body, cherish this opportunity to regulate our health and improve the quality of life;
  7. After meal replacement, the stomach shrinks. Don’t eat like you used to, otherwise it’s easy to return to the original state. Reduce your intake and adjust your lifestyle. After a few days, the old habits can be improved and the happiness of life will be improved.

What should I pay attention to when taking 159?

It needs to be brewed with boiled water for 1 to 2 minutes. If possible, you can steam for 3 minutes or microwave for about 10 seconds. The taste will be better and well absorbed.

Don’t worry if there is an adjustment reaction during the meal repalcment period, it means that you are adjusting the self-healing power in your body.

Is it possible to eat delicious food after eating 159?

If you like to eat delicious food, you should eat 159 since it keeps you young, beautiful and healthy and enjoy more delicious foods.In the meal-replacement, we try to eat less delicious food . After that, there is no problem with an appropriate amount of delicious food every day. If we eat light food the next day, the toxin will be discharged.

Can I exercise during the 159 diet?

During the meal change, it is recommended to rest, walk or exercise, but vigorous exercise is not suggested.

How long does it take to work?

There will be results every day. Whether it is losing weight, gaining weight or conditioning the body, it is recommended to take 1 month to half a year, because the problem is not formed in a day, and it cannot be solved in a day; the problem is formed in 1 year, 3 years, 5 Years, now it takes 1-6 months to repair, do you think it’s worth it?

Will it bounce back?

What’s rebounding is your lifestyle based on wrong habit of diet and rest. 159, In addition to restoring your body’s self-healing power, more importantly, it helps you develop correct eating and rest habits.As people grow older, the functions of the five internal organs are declining, and maintenance should be used to assist metabolism and reduce toxins in the body.

Does it need to be eaten for a long time?

159 is to help your body fill with balanced nutrition. It is food. As long as you can ensure that you can eat balanced nutrition every day, it is also alkaline food without any additives and preservatives, which will not be harm to your body. There is no problem if you don’t eat 159; What matters is not whether you eat 159 for a long time, but you should know that maintenance is a long-term task, just like maintaining your car once every 5000 kilometers . Your car cannot be maintained once and will not be maintained in the future, right? So whether to eat 159 for a long time is your choice, but the maintenance must be carried out every day, every week and every month;

Are there any side effects?

This is a food, without any side effects. Children, pregnant women, mothers, and the elderly all eat it. The product has also been tested by Pony International, so don’t worry about it.

How long is a course of treatment? How many boxes are required

Dear, only medicine can have a course of treatment. 159 is not a medicine, so there is no such thing as a course of treatment. 159 is a bowl of porridge with relatively rich nutrition. You can eat it as you want. If you want to get quick results, you can take the food replacement method. Generally, seven days are a complete cycle. According to the amount of 3-5 packs per day, you need 3-5 boxes at least , but we recommended that you take 10 boxes at a time.

How long does it take to lose weight without a meal replacement?

Everyone’s constitution is different, so there is no standard answer, it depends on whether you have fatty liver, endocrine disorders and staying up late. From our clients, meal replacement in the morning and evening will have a clear effect in 1-2 week

What’s the harm of eating something else during a meal replacement?

When changing 159 food ( this way means only eatting 159 with water whole day), the intestines and stomach will return to their child’s state, which is very delicate. Once overeaten something else, it will cause great harm to the intestines and stomach.


Simply to say, you can eat 159 as you want, and the above requirements are for those who need quick results.

The cell viability of 159 meal replacement third day

2 thoughts on “A Vegetarian Diet 159 Vegetarian Meal – How to Eat?

  1. Hello can I eat 159 2 times a day and eat rice and chicken for dinner or lunch or Pho ??? I don’t need to loose weight I want to reset my body for high blood pressure. How much water do I drink all day ?? With 159

    1. Hello,Duane

      If you are in a serious condition and have been ill for a long time, it is recommended to observe the reaction with a meal for a few days before considering a food replacement before eating 159. This is a precaution.If there is vascular atrophy and sclerosis, there will be an adjustment reaction that the blood pressure will rise after eating. This is because the blood circulation has increased and the blood vessels have not recovered, so you can’t cope with the changes of the environment.

      How do hypertensive patients generally eat Zuodanli 159 vegetarian meals
      1. First take 159 full vegetarian meal instead of breakfast for 2 weeks, drink 200ml of warm water before and after eating 159, and then slowly increase the amount to replace breakfast and dinner for 1 month.

      2. If you usually use drugs to control, you must take the drugs for the first month, and then check whether you need to stop the drugs after measuring your blood pressure

      3. Monitor blood pressure every day.

      The formation of any chronic disease does not happen in one or two days or two months, it must be slowly accumulated over a long period of time. Therefore, it takes time to improve. If you are a hypertensive patient, if you want to completely get rid of the control of drugs, please give yourself Zuodanli 159 Vegetarian Whole Meal for half a year, and insist on eating 159 Vegetarian Whole Meal as required during this half year. it will definitely give you satisfactory results.

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